About the Music

How do you take a period of life gripped with loss and devastation and mold it into a beautiful tapestry of resilience, love, light and hope? On May 28th 2011 Aaron Christenson was faced with this precise question when he woke to the reality that his infant son had passed away during the night. He had to face the reality that all that he thought could have been and what he knew should be, wasn’t meant to be. He had to grapple with understanding how to maintain a relationship with this life even though what he desperately wanted was for death to snatch his breath from him as it had his son.

It is said that the darkest times we experience often are followed by the brightest. A path began to unfold through the bitterness and grief. He did not know it at the time, but looking back on it he is confident that this journey has unfolded exactly as it should have. And so now he gives you his Extended Play release titled, I Am Disaster. This taste of the forthcoming record is a culmination of experience that has inspired him to write about the light within the darkness.

This record is for you, the weary, the broken and the bleeding. It’s for you, the lovers, the living and the light of heart. May this remind us that life is a journey with magnificent mountain tops and treacherous valleys and canyons. It’s the journey that makes us more than we ever thought possible should we let that unfold. And so now I give you the first release of this forthcoming record – The I am Disaster EP. May you ever be blessed as you continue to navigate through this life filled with contrast. Listen to it and make it your own – this is for you.

About Aaron Christenson

Aaron Christenson attended Berklee College of Music in 2000-2001 and released his freshman album titled Cold December in 2001. After touring for a few years, he took a break from the music scene to work as an entrepreneur. It was the death of his infant son that seemed to make music beckon to him again and he gravitated towards playing out at open mic nights in the New England region.

As he dusted off his chops, music began to pour out of him and he wrote the majority of I Am Disaster in a 10 month period of time. The first release is an extended play for the I Am Disaster Project with the remaining tracks to be released completely in the fall of 2017.